Autistic Space


There are many places in my world that I don’t feel comfortable in. That smell too strong, sound too loud and make no sense. In these places, I endure.

There are some spaces, finally, where I feel at home. Where I can communicate the way I want to, share parts of me I rarely do and feel an actual sense of connection to the fine people I’ve met there.

These spaces are Autistic Space.

They are our blogs, our websites, our places on the Internet that bring us comfort and strength. Solidarity. Some of these are secret spaces, where we don’t let you come visit. Some of them aren’t and you can stop by.

If you do, remember, this is Autistic Space, and you are a visitor.

If you come into these spaces, through invitation or otherwise, you are in our house and you need to play by our rules. To be helpful, many of us will spoon feed these to you in the form of Group Guidelines. We know what to put in them because we are experienced at this.

We are used to people entering our home pretending or believing they respect us, to prove time and again that they do not. They want to share with us that, that isn’t what they meant, and we got it wrong and they are right and we are not. That we are not thinking about it correctly.

Our experience of smell is different to yours. Our experience of sound is different to yours. We see patterns that you do not. We may well think considerably differently to how you do. We may also be right.

This is Autistic Space. And if you don’t respect that, then leave.


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