It goes like this


I am screaming on the inside.

Bruises in the shape of finger marks.



What is happening in Australian schools to our autistic children?

11 cases of abuse of autistic children at school in 15 weeks reported in the media. Just one of those stories was about 40 separate cases of abuse perpetrated by teachers. And that’s just the reported cases. This is widespread abuse. Our schools are not safe for autistic children.

I am filled with an anger that ripples around inside my body and ricochets off my internal organs.

Autistic advocates fight hard to be heard. But the media doesn’t listen to us. They listen to the fat money organisations that grow rich from their ‘early intervention’ programs.

It goes like this.

Media reports child locked in cage at school.

Media gets comment from fat money organisations, who state that we need more behaviour programs for autistic kids in schools.

Which is just swell, because hey, fat money orgs provide a range of these programs and look, there’s their website conveniently displayed so you can get on it and ‘fix’ the children now.

And pretty people with pretty words are invited onto flashy morning TV to peddle their wares and make money off trying to ‘normalise’ our children.

I am hurting in the left hand side of my chest cavity. It’s tight in there.

Who will protect our children when the dominant rhetoric is shaped by non-autistic voices who jump to the defence of over burdened teachers and oh-those-poor-parents?

Who will protect our children when no one wants to consider their trauma, but instead wants to defend their abusers?

I will.

My autistic friends will.

The autistic community will.

We will take our rage and hurt and disappointment and exhaustion and fear and internal SCREAMS and we will keep fighting for autistic children everywhere.

You who abuse autistic children, you should know that we will not stop fighting you. We have taken you on and we will not let go until you leave our children alone.










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