Deficit thinking creeps up on you. It infiltrates the armour.

Chinks fall off from…..

Stories from ‘autism moms’ who publicly share their kids’ worst moments and amplify their fears of what their child will surely become.

‘Autism experts’ fouling up your facebook feed with urgent prescriptions for social skills training NOW or ELSE.

Acid seeps through and eats at you when….

Family ask you if you wished your child was other than he is.

Paperwork makes you write the word ‘disorder’ over and over or else there’ll be no funding for your child.

After a time your breathing gets shallower and all you see are problems everywhere.

Milestones that aren’t reached

Skills that aren’t yet learnt

Fears of what will be


Spin. It’s all spin.

Spin for profit – do this course! Buy this thing!
Spin for hoop jumping – s q u e e z e your child into this tiny tick box and sign on the dotted line!
Spin to spread the horror story – aren’t you glad your child isn’t a monster like those ones?

I’m turning away. It had me spinning. I have truer things to focus on.

Not deficits. Nor disorders.

You won’t convince me that there’s anything wrong with him.

Human. In all its chaotic complexity.

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