This month in Lego builds

I had some fun with Emmet this month, finding new places to stash him for my Instagram series ‘The Continuing Adventures of Emmet’. My awesome husband did some animation magic on one of my builds and I built an entire set (Family House #31012, 2013) from online instructions. It was extra fun to try and figure out how to replace pieces that I didn’t have in my own collection.

Image above is an animation of Lego Mini figure Emmet riding a motorcycle out of a garage door on a small house as it opens.

I re-created my first Lego Set (#230 Hairdressing Salon, 1978)…and added Emmet. I didn’t get much Lego as a kid as it was considered a ‘boy toy’ back then. I think I got this one because the theme of hairdressing salon was one of Lego’s first attempts at marketing to girls. It worked!

Image above is a basic Lego hairdressing Salon with Lego Mini figure Emmet’s head displayed in the window

Below is me in my happy place. Every weekend, I like/need to spend some time touching and creating with my brick friends. 

Image of me in my happy place – sitting on the floor surrounded by containers of Lego

The Vollkswagen T1 Camper van (set #10220, 2011) is one of the hardest builds I’ve done. Really fiddly. This was my second time at building and Emmet joined the party. 

Image of Lego VW Camper Van with Emmet at the wheel

I have a thing for building toilets. Who knew? Here’s Emmet sitting on the toilet from Lego Friends (set #41038 Jungle Rescue, 2014).

Image description: Toilet from Lego Friends Animal Rescue set with mini fig Emmet sitting on it

Some fun with the kid displaying the First Order Special Tie Fighter (set #75101, 2016)

Image description: Lego Star Wars TIE fighter with mini fig Emmet operating it

And a cool MOC by my son!

Image description: My son’s MOC vehicle with mini fig Emmet at the controls

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