DIY Ethical February


This month in my commitment to only buying ethically made stuff, was all about doing it myself. Whilst I don’t need to buy any clothing for myself for some time, my 5 year old is growing out of his clothes and will need a new set for the next season. Op shop kids clothes are non existent or don’t work with his sensory needs and I don’t have access to hand me downs. He’s autistic and for him, that means that he needs super soft clothes with flat seams, elastic waists and no buttons or zips.

After buying a few GOTS certified clothes from Sweden that are perfect for him but pretty costly, I decided to try and make some clothes instead. To begin with, I tried to buy organic cotton. Go ahead, try it. You’ll find there’s not a whole lot available and it’s expensive so if you’re a new/dodgy sewer like I am, it’s a high risk endeavour.

My solution? Post consumer fabric. AKA sheets from op shops. For $15 I got two massive pieces of fabric in solid colours. I’m pretty pleased that I managed to sew a skirt for myself and some pants for my little guy, as this could be an ongoing solution to the very tricky problem of finding kids clothes made fairly that don’t cost a mountain.

I’m still feeling a strong sense of ‘the fuck?’ when I walk through my city centre. So many shops. So much fabric and plastic. So many women in other parts of the world being shafted as a result. So many of us closing our minds to the reality of suffering that lies beneath.

Just like in January, I’m finding that my travels in conscious consumerism are expanding well beyond clothing. I’m also starting to realise that my need to be online a lot means that I’m consuming a steady stream of information. I get my news online and my friends are all online, so that’s righteous. But my brain gets very full, very fast, so my husband and I decided that having Sundays off the internet would be an interesting experiment.

It’s turned out to be some kind of wonderful. Our brains are quieter and more chill by the end of Sunday so I think we’ll keep this one up. I wonder where this ethical consumer path will take me next? Onwards to March!



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