Lego February Builds

IMG_0459.jpgThis month in Lego was all about the release of two new lines – the DC Superhero Girls sets and the Batman Movie sets. The Superhero girls sets are really cool. Above is Harley Quinn surprising Emmet (Set #41231, 2017

Emmet has been getting up to all sorts of fun this month. Here is he below taking a ride in the Joker’s Notorious Low Rider (the wheels actually bounce!)  with Harely Quinn and Batgirl (set #70906, 2017).


I also built the Lego Friends Amusement park set (set #41130, 2016) and Emmet went for a spin on the Ferris Wheel with some friends.

I built the Hillside House below (set #5771) from online instructions using my existing bricks and I’m super enjoying subbing out the parts I don’t have for others. This one has solar panels! Once again, Emmet got in on the fun with the DC women.


Next month, I’m thinking… Ninjago and a visit to the new Lego store!

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