Living ethically

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Image is a dark road leading into the distance with text reading ‘Live Fair, Towards Right Livelihood

What does living ethically mean? It means doing your best to ensure that your actions are not complicit in the suffering of others. For me, this includes making conscious choices about the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the products I buy, the job I hold and how I treat other people.

It means I am vegan. It means I don’t buy clothes made by people working in unsafe and unfair workplaces. It means I buy second hand, repair and recycle. It means I make my living in a profession that promotes social justice and equality. It means I treat everybody with respect and compassion. It means when I fail, I begin again with an enduring commitment to a life lived ethically.

You can use the right hand categories on this site to filter those posts that relate to ethical living – including:

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A words about privilege. I recognise that as a white woman with a decent job in a free country, I’m in a position to make choices about how I spend my money in a way that many others in the world are not. I take this privilege seriously and my intention is to use it to make the world around me a fairer place.