Respectful parenting

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Image is a woman in bed with a small child looking at an iPad together

I’ve been parenting for 20 years and writing about it for almost as long. I’ve learnt many things along the way and my parenting approach has changed with time. I was never an authoritarian parent, but I did have rules and what I thought of as ‘gentle’ punishments with my eldest child many years ago.

Today, I parent respectfully. For my partner and I, this means that we treat our children as our equals. We don’t punish them. We don’t have arbitrary rules for them to follow. We encourage them to identify their needs and we seek to meet these needs. We believe they know best with regards to all decisions about their bodies. We trust them.

We are radical whole life unschoolers. This means that our youngest doesn’t go to school, we don’t set lessons for him and nor do we impose structures on any other part of his life.

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